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Default Re: Fake vintage cymbals???

Yes, there are examples of vintage ones (Istanbul K Zildjians being the most valuable ones thus most likely to be faked). I can remember that the "d" of Zildjian looked at bit funny on at least one die stamp so they were being called "Zilojians" by some.

I have also seen what others said was a faked modern Zildjian where the laser etched serial number looked like a crude imitation of the Zildjian one. As if an image of the original serial number had been processed (losing accuracy in the process) and laser etched onto some other cymbal. The little dots making up the image just weren't right in a close up photo.

At that point I tried to find out just what a laser etching machine costs but I couldn't get prices. Sellers seemed coy on their web sites. *sigh*

I was also interested because a daughter of a friend has just bought a precision laser cutter to make models for Architecture students at the local University and I think that was only about $25,000. So not out of reach for a factory in China where it would cost a fraction of that (since the machines come from there anyway).

It's a tough world out there.
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