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Default Re: Year of Zildjian Catalog - ?

Originally Posted by mcjnic View Post
Not to get in between you two, but again...I got my copy new. I was in high school when I got it. I graduated high school in 1980. So, I'm not sure I would stick with 1981 quite so sternly. I can assure you I had it prior to walking across that stage May of 1980. I picked it up along with a Ludwig cat when I purchased a new cymbal stand. I've still got both of those. They still have the ink marks where I selected my "dream set up" that I was going to buy when I graduated. Just something to think about.
I'lll agree with you there...I got mine new as well....but I'm sure it was in early 81. So its possible its the same catalog, they just issued it earlier and used it for a while.....but I'll have to think no earlier than 1980 then....when did they come out with Brilliants for sure? Anyone??
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