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Default Re: What would you do in this situation

Originally Posted by longjohn View Post
Just hoping that a certain grandson does not get to read any of this..

He's a very smart young man. I have confidence he'd sus out 'what's what' in short order. My family and friends know me and what I've done over the years.

Contrary to what was intended... no harm done. I've dealt with this kind of thing before. After witnessing and observing Tim's behavior over the last couple of weeks, I'm not at all surprised he'd stoop to character assassination only because he cannot get his way. The other genius that fed Tim the personal information is just a coward who lacks the cohones to try to post it himself. He knows how low it is to try to -intentionally- slander someone's character, or reputation out of pure malice. So the coward put Tim up to it! And Tim used it! He posted my name (it's a big no-no, nobody ever violates anybody's privacy that way in the forums, it could be dangerous, identity theft etc.) and he posted personal information that he hopes will hurt me somehow. All because baby can't get his way! No scruples, no ethics, no holds barred. A monkey flinging crap. I hope Tim goes back and chews out the guy who used him to do something he's threatened to do himself, but never had the balls.

Malicious infants, cowards. Emotional cripples in my book! People that never grew up.

Sticks and stones, baby. Sticks and stones...

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