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Default March 11, 2006 - Zildjian Items and Slingerland Pictures

As many of you know I have been adding Slingerland pictures every night to the Slingerland page.

Click Here

I had time today to start a Zildjian Cymbal page which includes a new Zildjian stamp, catalog and memorabilia section. Click Here

I also added two new Zildjian items. (click images to go the page)

The Paiste Cymbal Page Click Here

How about some Zilco cymbal literature!

and the Zilco Cymbal Page. Click Here

I guess this weekend is all about cymbals. A long time ago when I first started the web site I had "Dreams" of having the one stop shop for vintage drums and eventually cymbals. Personally I probably have about 20 or so cymbals mainly all Zildjian A's and I have always been into learning about the history. As I find things I will add them to the pages. I have not forgotten about the Sabian fans either so I will be adding that page soon. Like drums there are also a bunch of other makers and interesting history which I hope to add some day.


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