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Default Re: Getting some Torodor Drums :)

Originally Posted by ConvertedLudwigPLayer View Post
I have a TorODor set in gold sparkle. I got it used in 1976 and still have it. I played the heck out of it until 1983 when I got a Ludwig Vistalite. I set it up and started playing it again about 13 years ago after not playing much at all for decades. This was the set that gave me a love for music and entertained me for hours in my youth.

The shells are luan mahogany - looks like old cheap doors, but they are warm sounding shells, not a lot of sustain. I have the chrome snare and it is a great little drum.

One of the tom arms broke after a ciyoke of years and y dad got it welded for me. Thankfully, you can find parts on eBay now if you need to replace anything.
Very cool history/background on your kit. It looks great...really like that orange sparkle! I have a couple other MIJ kits and am really happy with the sound they produce
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