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Default Re: Can We Talk Sticks?

Originally Posted by Hoppy View Post
I started out on Ludwig 3S (these are big marching/drum core style sticks) because my local drum hero used them... so, good enough for him, good enough for me!

Then I started taking lessons and got a lot of insight from my instructor and went down in size... a bit scared to at first... but warmed up to them really quickly and it helped with the techniques I was learning to have a more "suitable" stick size for my hand/fingers.
These were the Billy Cobham 808 [0.579-D/16"-L; tip=Wood, L-Round] by Pro Mark. Billy moved on and so did I, switching to the...
Ian Paice 808L [0.579-D/16-1/8"-L; tip=Wood, L-Round] by Pro Mark. I recently wanted to try something just a tad smaller so I went with...
Simon Phillips TX707W [0.551"-D/16-1/4"-L; tip=Wood, L-Round] by Pro Mark.

My brand preference is for Pro Mark, stick preference is definitely hickory, medium size diameter (that falls into the 14mm range for Pro Mark) and tips with "large" round beads, and typically shorter to medium tapers at the shoulder. I don't have much time in with the Simon Phillips TX707W, just a couple of hours on the pad but I do like the size and when I go through the remain Cobham and Paice models I'll probably stay with the Simon Phillips TX707W. If not, then I'll stay with the Paice 808L - since I've been playing that diameter stick for so long.

For pad work I also have a pair of Vic Firth Corpsmaster MS4 Magnum, and a pair of POWER Wrist Builders PWB6-170 (red aluminum) sticks. I use the PWB way more than the MS4's... this is to help with the grip technique I use (Spivak / Wilson method) and it lets you really feel the fulcrum so when you change back to the normal stick you have a better sense of how the stick should sit in the "cradle." Also I like the extra weight of the PWB to improve strength/speed/endurance/control.
So you went from big to small while I'm going small to big.

These are big sticks, Dia.= 590", length = 16-5/16, but seem to play small if that makes sense. I'm an average guy, not big, but so was Buddy. So I'm guessing if he used them, so can I. But we'll see if this holds up for me, as I'm thinking of taking lessons, and the instructor might feel the same as yours did. In any case, I might still experiment, but I want to stick with Vic Firth for now. It's to confusing to start mixing brands right now.

I like those PWB sticks. I haven't heard of them before, but I might look into them. Thanks for the tip.
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