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Default Re: Cymbalholic Site Closing down

Yes it's too bad that Cymbaholic went down for the count and for many reasons, but here's one I just thought of:

I was "banned for life". Now that's quite a distinction that not many people can lay claim to, in fact I don't think anyone else could. So I wanted to order a Cymbalholic t-shirt and that I could have customized with the addition of the words "banned for life" emblazoned on the back in large orange letters for everyone to see. My intention was to wear it proudly while attending the drum show. But although I never did that, I considered the "banned for life" label to be something so unique that it was akin to a badge of honour.

But now with the demise of Cymbalholic, in a larger sense all of the former members of that site have in effect been "banned for life". And as a result of that, this label no longer holds the same special meaning for me that it once did. It's sort of sad, when viewed in that light.

But then again you could just look at this way:

One might say that I was just somebody who was way ahead of my time; and it simply took the rest of the Cymbalholic community this long just to catch up to me. Now I really like that.
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