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Exclamation Re: Oh No...Trixon Is Back From The Dead

Originally Posted by DrumBob View Post
Everything old and weird is new again, it seems. To be displayed at NAMM 2020. I'm astounded. I know at least one member here who will be ecstatic. Whatever. To each his own.

The MI industry is reissuing everything from the golden days of the 50's and 60's. Ovation solidbody guitars have even made a comeback. I don't know why, as they were flops in their day and have very little collector value.
Ermmm...we are all a family of vintage drum lovers on this forum...
I do agree and also I'm not to keen on repro drums as I always like to see the originals but then everything nowadays seems to be getting reproduced but using different parts, interiors, and thus not made to spec of the originals...
The Trixon's were very unique at their time back in 1956 when they were first introduced and ran for just over 10 years!!...the first model with the bigger sized bass drum only ran for 2 years so is very collectible indeed..
The Trixon Vox however only ran for 1 1/2 years and is very rare indeed so they do have a collectors value...not sure where you got your information from?
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