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Default Re: Oh No...Trixon Is Back From The Dead

You misread my post, sorry to say. I clearly said Ovation electric guitars have very little collector value, not Trixon/Vox drums, which obviously have their fans. But, in terms of overall appeal to the general collective of drummers. I don't think these reissues will fly at all. They're just too unusual looking, and drummers are, by nature, rather conservative. They want drums that look like drums, not like empty thread spools, donuts, trumpet bells, pancakes, or someone's shorts (Peavey, Whitney, North, Flat Jacks, etc).

Fans such as yourself, will probably like these new Vox drums, and maybe some young drummers looking for something very different might too, but the average drummer? I don't think so, but I could be wrong.
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