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Default Re: Can We Talk Sticks?

I play mostly trad. country, use a lot of cross stick on snare, I have my snare muffled to sound like a ball hitting a glove with an open strike, when I cross stick I don't like that clicky or cheap sound, I want a nice deep low sound, and the sound is in the stick, I go into music stores with my snare and showed them the sound i'm looking for, ask if I can try each one of their sticks to look for that sound, they look at me like i'm nuts but say go ahead, i'll spend 1/2 hour going thru sticks looking for that sound, one out of 50 will sound what i'm looking for, after about 1/2 hour of tapping every one in shop is saying whats that nut doing. I've been at shows were the sound guy or a will ask me what my snare is? thinking that's were the sound comes from, I tell them its the stick, and show them the difference between two sticks and they can't believe it. i have tried drilling the end and putting a nail in, have tried soaking in water to get the sound, but haven't hound it yet!
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