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Default Re: Can We Talk Sticks?

Originally Posted by OddBall View Post
Oak handles the rim shots real good.

I went out collected many branches from around the woods. I had a friend dry and mill many wood types into sticks. good
Birch,... no good.
Maple, good.
Cherry, good
Pear, good
Walnut, kinda good but snap easy
Soft Pine, Ok,
Hard pine Much better than soft and last a while.
Willow, good.
Hickory,..Excellent, (from a broken Baseball bat)
Mahogany,..OK but snap. (furniture piece).
Wow! That's impressive.

Maybe you and your buddy should go into the stick business. It seems like you've done more research than Vic Firth!

The only surprise on your list was maple. I hear pretty good things about them, lightweight, but maybe not lasting as long as the others.
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