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Default Re: Can We Talk Sticks?

Originally Posted by Pedal_Pusher View Post
I play almost nothing but jazz at weekly acoustic jazz jams and have tried several of Vic Firth's jazz stick models along with other company's jazz models. I have not tried the Buddy Rich model sticks. There is a lot of good choices in the market place right now so it is fun to try out sticks. I tend not to use nylon tip sticks at the jam because of the sounds they get on my ride cymbal but do have some for practicing. I can also recommend that you try maple and oak as well as hickory. After you have tried the various jazz sticks by Firth, Pro Mark, and Innovative Percussion you should check out the old school sticks available from a company called Bop Works. It seems to me that there are two or three basic categories of jazz sticks based on the tip shape. I have both round and acorn and also am checking out the barrel shapes. If you find a brand and model that you really like, then buy several pair and squirrel them away for future use. I loved the Zildjian big band sticks with a taper on the butt end and as soon as there were discontinued I stocked up when the price was discounted. Have fun and go ahead and buy a bigger stick bag, just wait until you go crazy buying brushes. By the way, I use cord covered vibraphone mallets instead of timpani mallets for drum set. Try some and see if you like the sound they produce on your cymbals and drums.
A lot of good info in that post, thank you!

I will look into Bop Works for sure. They have the name for what I am looking for! The tips on the BR sticks seem to be a cross between acorn and round, but they are big! They sound great on the toms and cymbals. As for brushes, I haven't done them yet, but it is in my near future. A stick bag is also in my near future as the sticks are beginning to add up!
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