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Default Can We Talk Sticks?

Being relatively new to drumming, I've been experimenting with a lot of things, sticks being one of them.

I started with some cheapo 5A's, then went to some very nice Vic Firth 7AN American Classics. I was pretty happy with them, but then I saw an "open box" sale on Vic Firth Buddy Rich sticks, so I bought them. Well, first thing that I noticed was, they are pretty huge in both diameter and length and I thought these will never work. I am going for a jazz/bop/swing style and sound, and these looked like monster, heavy-handed rock sticks! But once I got going they felt right immediately. They seem to play lighter than they look. My rudiments instantly got better, and rolls were quicker and more together. Nice balance I'm guessing, or maybe I was channeling Buddy through them?(sorry, that was )

They also sound great on the toms and cymbals, maybe because the tip is also huge! They are finished in white, although I've never seen Buddy use white sticks.

So if I can ask, what are you guys using and why? How did you come to play the stick your using?
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