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Default Re: Two estate sale finds

Originally Posted by Whatarethese123 View Post
Hey y'all, it's summer, which to me means people are clearing out their houses and having estate/garage sales. Which means it's drum hunting season. I figured I'd show y'all some of the stuff I've recently picked up.

First up: A mid 50s Slingerland kit.Pictures here. The set included what seems to be a single ply maple 5.5x14 snare. It also came with a Trans stamp Zildjian crash, a Paiste 404, and a pair of Zilco hats (The original Zilco run) Oh yeah...I forgot to mention it also had an Acrolite! Plus, if you look at the last picture, what seems to be the original order form for the set maybe? Is it possible this set was bought for $727 back in the 50s?

But then today I went to another sale. Picked up 2 snares and a Zildjian swish cymbal from the 50s. Pictures here. If anyone can provide more info on the date of the first snare, that would be awesome. It's 5''x15'' and 8 lugs, which seems to make it the Theatre Model snare. Is there any way to come up with a year based on the stamp/engraving and other characteristics?

It's been a good summer so far (I've had a few other things, but almost immediately sold them to pay for the others). Hopefully I can keep the luck going.
Chrome on top= choice of Chrome or Aluminum, lugs and hoops per catalog scan. Inlaid hoops, ten lugs, size Med ??... I think that's the BD receipt because no strainer is checked off.
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