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Default Re: Slinger land verse Ludwig

I'm not sure that Slingerland is necessarily at the "bottom" of the heap but they do tend to go for less than their contemporary Gretsch, Ludwig, and Rogers mass produced competition. In the case of Gretsch and Ludwig I think it has to do with the fact that those brands are still around and being advertised which keeps the brand awareness alive. Folks who get a new set of Ludwigs or Gretsch might be inspired to seek out a vintage set of the same. Rogers has held on to its mystique as the Cadillac of vintage drums. They probably were the best built of the majors and certainly had the most innovative hardware. Whether that reputation can continue to survive as time passes is hard to say but so far they remain sought after drums. Slingerland made very good drums that were arguably as good as any of the other American make's products but the brand name has been dead for around 30 years (discounting the drums made under that name by Gretsch and Gibson, some of which may have been among some of the best drums ever made but both of which suffered from very limited distribution) and younger drummers just aren't familiar with them which lessens the demand which lowers the price. Leedy would be another name that was once proudly worn by some of the best drums being made at that time but not to many remember it now.

On the plus side this means there are bargains to be had on world class professional grade vintage drums. That is if you don't mind the occasional young punk asking "Slingerland? What the heck are those?"

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