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Originally Posted by O-Lugs View Post
Exactly, Magnus_N. I would pay more money for an old K reissue...IF it was like an old K. But, instead, Zildjian will spend millions on making inconsequential stuff that maybe only a fraction of drummers will actually buy and use. WHO uses these fad cymbal lines? I never see any of this stuff in the real world. I only see it at NAMM and places like this.

Zildjian should save their money and get some people and just friggin' start making some REAL cymbals again. Train some people. It can't be that impossible.
Impossible? No. But practical? Well that's another story. You see, the Turks along with Armenians have been making cymbals for hundreds of years. That very fact in combination the relatively cheap labor costs that exist in Turkey make up part of the difference between there and here. And with experienced people already in place with knowledge and practice in the art of making hand made cymbals, they can accomplish this cost effectively making it practical with reasonable profit margin. And so we've see the closest thing to "the originals" being made there and this still continues to this very day. But because the same set of favorable circumstances that exist there are just not present over here; then from a practical business perspective this is not a viable option that that Zildjian would be likely to consider. Although many of us might love to see it done right here, I'm afraid that at least for the foreseeable future, this is something that we can only wish for. But wishing will not necessarily make it so.
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