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Default Re: Zildjian's latest

Someone please correct me if I am wrong, but...............

Didn't Zildjian have to stop hand hammering around the mid-80's? If I remember correctly, OSHA came in and said that hand hammering was hazardous and detrimental to long term "hand health" so that they put the kibosh on hand hammering and Zildjian spent millions on developing new machines that replicated hand hammering.

Because Zildjian is the only (major) US Cymbal company, this doesn't apply to the other major players: Sabian (Canada), Paiste (Switzerland), Meinl (Germany) all the Turkish brands, Chinese brands etc.; no one else is under OSHA's jurisdiction, they are free to hammer away.

So, I guess their way of "keeping up" is to come up with these crazy (goofy) and decidedly machine looking hammering patterns (even though they are supposed to be hand hammered).

To me, Zildjian needs to do the same thing as Pro-Mark. Stop getting cute with all the marketing BS. Just get back to basics and concentrate on making great cymbals, just like DrumBob says......
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