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Default Re: Bend a Pang to a be like a regular cymbal????

Originally Posted by Drumaholic View Post
Hey, gimme a break; they can't all be gems.

But you know, it's just like the late great Jack Benny once said: "Everybody's a comedian; it's just being funny that's the hard part."

So I decided to try out my "test jokes" on my night-time Uber passengers just to see what'll work and what won't, in preparation for my eventual future in stand-up. But with the last group of test subjects, after the punch-line came, all I heard was "crickets" just like here.

(Hey, is this microphone working??)

O.K., so I've just got a few rough edges to work off, that's all.

And in the meanwhile with each bomb my Uber passenger rating drops gradually lower. So what I need is a drummer to punctuate my punch lines with a press roll followed by a cymbal crash. You know? Like they did in the Catskill circuit back in the '50's. (think of Jack Carter, or Henny Youngman). That way they'll know when to laugh.

"But seriously folks, I know you're out there because I can hear you breathing. But I'll tell you this......"
Or Henny Youngman's: "Doctor, it hurts when I do this". Response: "Don't do it!"

I actually worked the Borscht Belt a bit in the late '60s to early '70s. The hotels there were already on a decline because of the changing preferences of the generation coming of age. Cheap airfare to more exciting summer travel destinations than a Catskill's resort eventually put an end to a 50 year summer tradition.
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