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Default Re: Blues Cymbal Set Up

Originally Posted by whorwood View Post
Once again thanks for the very interesting information, On page three of the Sam Lay article (it looks to me) that he has a ride to his right and a swish to his left.
Zildjian started to sell the swish and pang cymbals in the 1930's, I wonder if it was a factory cymbal or if he drilled it ?
Not knowing much about cymbals and especially swish cymbals was there a selection (thin, med, dark, dry etc.) or were they pretty much standard ?
Interestingly he only had 2 cymbals and hats. Time to put some wolf albums on. Got to love his bass drum painting !
As for the cymbal selections no, They did have different weights,but they only had just what the cymbal was called back in the 30's, But each cymbal sounds completely different and had to be selected by the artisit a lot of the time.
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