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Default Re: Oh No...Trixon Is Back From The Dead

I'd like to see some of these kits onstage. I think they are visually stunning. I have been SO curious to try a Trixon Speedfire or a Telstar kit....but, again, they are extremely rare in ANY kind of condition. As I recall, there were some plastic parts that have come to be notorious for being broken and cracked...replacements being impossible to find...(maybe a 3D printer could repro some?) Anyway, I am encouraged by the news that they have decided to retry some of that Jetsons-esque looking stuff. Maybe they will repro some of the old plastic parts so that more of the original kits can be fully restored.

Personally, I gravitate towards the conical Telstar kits -because they look so jazzy! Blue Croco? Come on, man! That's Aqua Velva cool! But I'm not gonna lie...I want to experience that Speedfire bass drum!
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"Nietzsche is dead." -God
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