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Default Re: My first 22" A - age?

So there was automation involved eventually ? I envisioned a die similar to a J.E.W.lers die, A stamp block with interchangeable keys that let you spell or count as you go whatever you want that gets hit with the hammer. Not the kind that is fixed with counting dies that count as you go along, similar to the one used to put your VIN number on the tag in your car.

I always wondered about it. I was thinking there is a station in the factory that had a anvil type holder like the old phonographs that you would drop the cymbal on like a record LP and then strike the die by hand take it off and repeat as the line moves.

But you make more sense. Interesting how detective like you are. Your examples of the variables makes sense.

My "crash" has one side deeper than the other, like it moved and they didn'i get it flat down or something. Bill called it a early 70`s. I have a pic saved on my old drive and will try to get one up again.It made sense to me to think hand hit because I`ve seen many examples where the whole trademark is there but thinned on one side or partial trademarks because the whole die was not in contact leaving the missing or worn off sections. Not very automated results, more like hand worked.

A Zildjian says rolled ? I know that making a seamless snare shell by bull nosing a doughnut shape around another form is called "drawn" I wonder what rolled could be ?
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