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Originally Posted by abundantbass View Post
3 digit stamp inside the kick says 808.... Wait is this an 808 Kick?? haha
The 2 rack toms have what looks like 901 .... might be 106 since the 1 has no bottom, 901 is my best guess. A picture of the rack toms is hard since I am reluctant to remove the heads.
808 August 1978,....106 is out of the question, Phonics did not happen til 74-ish....... 901 January 1979. The first digit is the year of that decade, the second two are the month. SONOR changed badges after decades so it`s easy to know which decade you have.

Although you have different dates, SONOR stored shells so they assembled accordingly.

What is in the snare ?

Do not fear head removal, you have to do it from time to time. All metals are top quality heat treated, wont strip easy.

Take `em off.
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