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Default Re: Star Snare Drum Gold-Eddy Satin Flame

Originally Posted by OldReliable View Post
Amazing snare, Mark! Iím curious about those stock heads, is the batter an Ambassador weight head, or even a Diplomat? It looks like itís held up really well for a vintage drum, and Iíve played on a (gasp) Pearl Export that had the junkiest stock Remo UXís that dented within seconds!
Hi OR!

I haven't yet removed the heads, but based on how easily the few dents in the batter head cleared up with my heat gun, I'm inclined to think the batter head is on the thin side. I have a feeling it was meant as an Ambassador weight, but hard to tell what the Japanese were using at the time. Since I don't plan to play the drum, I'm not worried about ruining the head. I just feel it's really cool to find this drum with the original heads...and still in good condition, too!

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