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Default Replica of THE Mitch Mitchell Premier Kit

After many years of dreaming about how I could put together a Mitch Mitchell ‘zebra’ oyster drum kit....the day has finally arrived 🙌🏻. First, the main hurdle to accomplishing this kit build is the wrap! His kit was not a cataloged Premier finish, most likely he saw it on a Beverly kit and liked it, I believe I remember reading that somewhere long ago🤔 I have never in my life seen this wrap being sold anywhere...but wait... This hurdle was solved by ST Drums out of Germany. They sold me all their remaining stock of a nearly identical wrap. While I had the main portion of the kit in a blue pearl 14x8”, pre-international 16x15”, and a 20x14”, I needed the near-impossible to find 14x14”. Finally found one! So fast forward to today, all drums have been stripped down to their shells awaiting the new ‘zebra oyster’ wrap coming from Germany any day now 😎 stay tuned for progress pics and updates, to my knowledge, this will be the only Mitch Mitchell replica Premier Kit out there! There will be a few minor details differing my kit from his:
1) Mitch’s kit had the spring loaded floor Tom legs, I can add these as I find them as the bracket hole spacing is the same.
2) His kit had the round ratchet mount on his 14x8 on an arm leading to the first generation ‘triangle’ shaped receiver, mine will be the second ‘dagger’ version, however, I have determined I could retro fit a round ratchet mount onto my 14x8 as they are interchangeable with the ratchet portion of the dagger arm.

The last items to acquire are two 14” beer barrel version tom hoops for the floor tom as the 14x14” has the streamlined version. If I eventually come across some proper era premier straight cymbal stands I may invest, but my I already have a pristine full set of Lokfast stands 😁 stay tuned!🦓
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