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Originally Posted by O-Lugs View Post
I don't know about that size of a China cymbal....never seen/heard one of those. But I have heard some Dream cymbals that sounded great. The "Bliss" line of crashes and rides is really, REALLy nice sounding in my opinion. And they are relatively inexpensive.
The Dream brand is made in China and are designed to emulate more of a Turkish sound rather than a traditional Chinese sound. My son has a 20" and 22" Dream Bliss. And for their relatively low price when new they sound really good and are a very good value. However they are not really in the same league as the top of the line cymbals from other brands that can cost 2 or 3 times as much, and they certainly are nowhere near the sound quality of vintage K's and A's.

A 22" Dream Bliss ride can be had new for around $240, a 20" for around $210. My son and I bought them on a whim when we were at Steve Weiss's warehouse store in Pennsylvania purchasing a set of vibes and orchestral bells. He is intending them for use by students. They are B20 bronze and are much better sounding than sheet B12 ZBTs and other similar budget student oriented cymbals. A pro could certainly gig with them, but they wouldn't be my first choice. Dream makes a few other lines besides the Bliss but I am nor personally familiar with how they sound.

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