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Default Price shaming

Hello people! the Bug here!
I've noticed with increasing disgust a trend lately that's becoming more and more frequent and aggressive: price shaming.

There's people who go to an extent of not only mocking the prices of certain vintage (or non vintage) drums people wants to sell on the usual venues or Facebook, but now some guys actually take it to the next label, harassing or trolling every posting a particular seller might have.
The minute you post a certain item for sale, boom! There you have three or four "experts" shaming and making fun of your items.

There was a post a week or so ago where a newbie had the nerve to contradict an authority on vintage drums such as Harry Cangany! Harry respectfully tried to indicate the reasons why certain seller wanted a tidy sum for a radio King set and this "expert" kept the debate for days trying to lecture Harry on how he thought the drum set should be cheaper and it "will never sell for that much".
Last week I sold (in only two days) on Reverb a 1978 402 Supraphonic in EXCELLENT condition for $800. I had three or four "experts" on my Facebook page shaming my price, description and reasoning for pricing my drum the way I did (even after the drum was already sold!).

I'm asking this community of vintage drum lovers, aficionados, collectors and musicians...Are these signs of the times where there's no respect for your fellow musician or it might be just a phase where people is overly sensitive to vintage drum prices? I mean if I see someone asking certain amount for his goods, who am I to question his reasons? Isn't it in bad taste to do it? Minding someone else's business? Curious about my fellow vintage drum lovers opinions...
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