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Default Re: Vintage Premier 2000 Snare Drum 68/69 Great Cond

If you ever need premier 2000 wires i can get them here in the UK for 14. If you want royal ace wires then make two end plates and solder 2000 wires onto the plates ive done it in the past. The only chance of buying royal ace wires is on ebay 2nd hand. Then they charge top dollar. I just make em up. Ive not done many made 3 sets in past 2 yrs. That royal ace shell u should buy it then ill make you some wires for it. On strainer and butt the pins that hold the wires are missing. Ive even got a badge and muffler for it. Would look nice in WMP wrap. The pearl FF im making my own wires for that using an old set of standard wires on proper engraved pearl end plates. De solder the crappy wires and solder extra long wires from prem 2000 set. Nothing is impossible mark. Let me know and between us could make a great snare drum.

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