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Default Re: Ludwig Standard snare price check

Fully agree with Mark
I have about 10 of these in my collection and have paid anywhere from $120 up to $300
The Avocado Strata will get up to $350 in really good condition and the Lemon Strata which is like finding unicorns goes for $400 +
I find they average $250
No Guru - I just love collecting & learning about vintage drums!

Some of my favorites from the kits in the collection
58 WFL New Yorker Blue Sparkle
67 Ludwig Hollywood Red Psychedelic
69 Ludwig Standard Red Ruby Strata
70's Ludwig BOP "Ringo" Kit

A few of my favorite snares
20's Leedy Black Elite
51 Leedy & Ludwig Knob Tension
58 WFL Buddy Rich Classic Blue Sparkle
63 Walberg & Auge Sea Blue Agave Green Pearl
66 Leedy Shelly Manne Blue Agate Pearl
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