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Default Re: Slingerland orphan tom - good deal?

You can no doubt find a better one for roughly the same money but they don't get much cheaper unless really trashed. The thing though is it can be very hard to find a decent match for yellowed WMP so that is worth something in the equation. I'd personally prefer a functional drum in slightly tattered shape that is a good match to my other drums to one in mint condition with whiter wrap that sticks out like a sore thumb from the other drums. Just food for thought. The original bracket will hide the extra two holes left from that other one.

I have a nicely yellowed 67 club date bass and mounted tom, it took me 2 years to find ANY WMP club date floor to add on. When I did I paid dearly for it but it is much whiter than the other two. I'm glad to have it and I doubt anyone else even sees it but it still bugs the heck out of me.
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