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Default Re: Hinger Touch Tone Snare Drum - web site visitor

i'll just add a few comments to Steve's posting. i was around in the days that Steve mentions re: the creativity of Al Duffy and his work at Ippolito Shop and with Fred Hinger. Al and I were partners for many years and remained good friends until his untimely death. i believe he was 56 or near that at the time he died.

i can attest to the creative thought and work. it was constant! i have the original Camco converted pedal. i still use it. i have thought of donating it to the PAS museum but it still works fine and i use it - so the donation will have to wait.

i also have one of the fibre shells that Steve mentions. i seem to remember that it was a Blaimire - not sure of the spelling. i had Sonor snare throw put on it and all of that still works too. great sounding drum, stays round, records well.

i also have a Hinger snare that Al made for me. It is also synthetic fibre shell, has rather crude rims, and the tendency for the snare head to break rather easily. This has been a problem from the beginning of ownership but the issue seems worse now. The problem seems to be at the snare bed. The mylar heads will not mold to the shape of the snare bed and perhaps the newer mylar heads have a slightly deeper collar than when I acquired this drum? I have tried Remo and Evans and same problem. Does anyone know of a vintage head with lower collar depth at the snare bed? Or other ideas? i don't want to go to natural skin. It is too much constant watching with changing climate conditions in Western NY.

This is kind of a trip down memory lane. I hope to get to NYC in Spring and to the shop. Maybe bring a drum or two along with me.
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