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Default Re: Hinger Touch Tone Snare Drum - web site visitor

I have a Hinger snare (pipe shell - very heavy) that I bought from Gordon Peters in 1980. I was going for my masters at Northwestern University and Terry Applebaum told me Mr. Peters was looking to sell. I hoped on the EL, went down to Symphony Hall (downstairs I think), and met Mr. Peters there. James Ross was also in the room. Gordon said he really liked the drum, but it was just too heavy (I believe it weighs around 45 pounds). He sold it to me for what he paid for it - $100.00 I still have it and it's still a great sounding drum. But, Gordon Peters was right - I never use it because it's just too heavy to lug around. I would need a cart to move it. Can anyone venture a guess as to how much it would sell for today? John Wagner, Suffern, NY
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