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Default Re: Hinger Touch Tone Snare Drum - web site visitor

I owned a Hinger snare made from a steel conduit. Hinger showed it to me when I was studying timpani with him. At the time I was a percussionist in the U.S. Marine Band in Washington,D.C. This must have been the late 1970's. He brought this drum out to show me and said he was making more ( I think this one was # 23? ) He had these aluminum hollow rounded at the ends snare drum sticks that he played the drum with. It had a fantastic, crisp full sound. ( Hinger was an excellent percussionist. In fact, before becoming the principal timpanist in the Philadelphia Orchestra he held down the principal percussionist position with that organization ) The snares on the drum were a combination of uncoated and coated steel cables. I think that it had 10 lugs that were machined for the drum, but the snare strainer was a Camco. Hinger told me later that Camco wouldn't sell him any more of their strainers, so he started making his own. After playing the drum for a few minutes I was sold! I bought it on the spot and used that drum all through my tenure in the band. The drum weighed like 60 pounds!! The Hamitilton snare stand was the only one that could hold that drum! When I left the Marine Band I sold the drum to Ken Harbison in the National Symphony. I guess he still has it. I wish now I hadn't sold it. Not sure what it is worth now.
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