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Default Re: Hinger Touch Tone Snare Drum - web site visitor

Hi Steve,

My name is Bob Muskus and I own a Hinger Touch Tone (the metal pipe version ) #136 (+ or - 1) that I bought from Fred in 1973. I am not looking to sell it because it is just too much fun watching peoples reaction when I ask them "Could you hand me that snare drum please". I am intrested in their collectability these days. I am currently having it "restored" meaning removal of some light rust and poliching of the hardware. I am also looking for replacement snares, the plastic coated wires, and would be interested if you or anyone has any information on how I could get them. Do you have any info on the value of these drums these days. I think my original purchase price was $350 back in '73.

Bob Muskus
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