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Originally Posted by OddBall View Post
That actually explains a lot. The A that I have when polished is more bronze looking without a Copper huge/tint. When I polished the B8 I have from Germany, it has a very distinct Copper huge/tint. Finger prints take longer to come out on my A than the B8. Because the B8 has more Copper in it. I work with Copper, Stainless, Lead, and Aluminum a lot each year. Plumbing Copper, Sheet Copper and Flashing Copper all have different tints when polished or new. Flashing being the softest, with plumbing being the hardest. You literally can see the differences. I see a Copper tint on the surface of these cymbals we are talking about. Nowhere near as light as the A I have at any stage of oxidation.
Wow. Never figured that an old guy like you would ever be a "metal head".
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