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Default Re: Zildjian's latest

Originally Posted by mbettis View Post
Thanks! Since I make custom cymbals, they can sound dang near any way you want them to. Like Bill said, many of the ones I make are thin, as they tend to sell the best. However, I have guys that order more substantial cymbals, and I dig making them.

Here's a soundfile of a 22" Limited Edition that I like...

That sounds fantastic guy. It goes dead fast, it don't wash out on ya, great stick, and when you edge it it does not go on forever. You'll probably never have to grab it.

Just like the old K's from Turkey. Do you mind me asking the metals`composition ? They look more on the Copper side of Bronze. They don't have that Electrum look of the old K's. Or maybe that's simply the way you polish them.

Do you make Hats ?
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