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Default Re: Zildjian's latest

Originally Posted by DrumBob View Post
I've met Paul. You're right. He's a little nerd with an attitude. I came very close to a physical altercation with him at the factory in Quincy. It's a long story.
I had knowledge of your confrontation with him, because you told me about it privately during the Cymbalholic days. And that is precisely why I knew I could word that just as I did. Clearly there's no love lost between the two of you; that's for sure.

"A little nerd with an attitude" I really like that.

If I may be permitted to add just one thing to your characterization of him, I would modify it only slightly. It would be this:

"A GREASY HEADED little nerd with an attitude". And that would "nerd" could readily be substituted with the word "geek" at any point as called for as far as I'm concerned.

But then he emerged as something of a folk hero to the Cymbalholic crowd after I was removed. That of course was after the mercenary Zildjian bots whom they'd hired finally succeeded in getting me "banned for life". Then afterward all those bots promptly and mysteriously disappeared from the site; seeing as how they'd finally completed the dirty work that they were hired by Zildjian to perform. Now do any of you really think that their sudden disappearance right after mine was all just strictly coincidental?

And I didn't think so either.

But seeing as how their mission for Zildjian was finally accomplished, there was clearly no need for any of them to remain, and seeing as how they were no longer on Zildjian's payroll, they all just disappeared in a New York second. Thanks again Zildjian!
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