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Default Re: Mystery Turkish(?) Arabic Stamp - Not an Old K Con

Originally Posted by zenstat View Post
Thanks. I don't want anybody to have to take my word for things. I'm all about presenting my methods and evidence and the importance of letting people judge the weight of evidence for themselves, as well as making all my raw data freely available on request. So I'm at the public good science end of the spectrum.

This is in contrast to Drumaholic who created those comparison photos and started all the work on timelines and trademarks on cymbals. Drumaholic won't release methods and evidence because he's worried about people copying his work and not giving him credit. In his own words from 2010:

We're still waiting for a web site from Drumaholic. Drumaholic and I respectfully agree to disagree about the best strategy to improve the quality of information available to those interested in cymbals. My response to web sites like Winne's one (which is still ranked high in Google searches and used to misidentify cymbals) is to put out what I hope is a better one. You can see my work via the links in my signature.
I read your work zen because you give credit to where it belongs. Bill isn`t here as often as you so I can rely on good data from you. If it weren`t for Bill, those stamps wouldn`t have names, if it weren`t for you, our waiting period for info would be long.

Sometimes I wont post here helping someone ID a stamp, but I`ll come and look.
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