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Default Re: Oct 30, 2008 - 1918 Ludwig Catalog Snares and Sets

I have a 4x14 NOB 6 lug snare with same patent pending P-338 strainer, Ludwig&ludwig oval top hoop. No other markings. Best date I could come back with was 1918. Came with a 24" mahogany(I think) bass drum, with Ludwig and Ludwig paper label inside. Has the light bulb socket, no cord. Double up right cymbal stand. 12" brass spun no marking cymbal , 13" Chinese cymbal. Double 2 tone wood block, ratchet, triangle, striker, Ludwig jr pedal, no beater, cymbal clanger, bass drum clanger cymbal mount. Chinese 8" Tom Tom , bass drum mount bracket, 2 bass drum Spurs. Trap case. 7.5 x16 Lyon and Healy marching snare, case,large ornate drum key, marching straps. 1890-1910 is my best guess. Was my great grandfathers set, my grand father left it to me but he had no clue when it was from.
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