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Default Re: Help please--paper tags, and what model is my Rogers?

O-Lugs is certainly entitled to his opinion even if he contradicts his initial pronouncement in the second sentence of each paragraph. I will politely disagree with him because I'm one of the many vintage drum enthusiasts (probably the majority) who doesn't share his opinion. If I see a 1966 Rogers Top Hat set configuration that I would like to buy with a 14x14 floor tom instead of the 16x16 pictured in the catalog, I don't obsess that the drum set does not match the picture on a certain page of the catalog. And, if the set I like has a snare drum in matching wrap rather than the generic-looking metal snare drum in catalog picture, that increases my desire for that drum set. Most--maybe all--drum catalogs include statements saying that the specs of pictured drum sets are subject to change and that any pictured drum set can be ordered with different size drums. So, a Londoner set ordered for a drummer by a music store with a larger bass drum can still be considered to be a Londoner.
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