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Default Re: Help please--paper tags, and what model is my Rogers?

Catalogued kits ONLY for me! I couldn't care less what Joe Shmoe ordered from _________'s Drum Shop back in the day (even if anyone could order any configuration that wanted), because it's irrelevant, now. Having said that...IF Joe Shmoe were to have turned out to be a celebrity, then that's a different story. In that case, then his custom configuration would have been become collectible.

The named configurations and/or celebrity configurations are the goal for a lot of drum collectors. Also rare finishes are collectible -(in any configuration). Like, Citrus Mod....It wouldn't matter what the configuration was. It would still be HIGHLY desired by collectors.

If you've only got so much room in your house and you want to collect drum sets, then I'd say to save your money and get a catalogued, named configuration. Otherwise, you're going to be stuck when and if you ever want to resell them. If you aren't interested in collecting and just want some vintage drums to play, then it really doesn't make any difference.

And, yes, Rogers DID definitely name their configurations -as did all the major companies back then.
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"Nietzsche is dead." -God

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