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Default Sonor Teardrop help and parts!

Hello everyone!
This is my first Sonor set and I am very excited!
I just picked these up and started taking them apart to clean. I've been looking around for as much information as I can.
Based on what I've seen, I know I am missing the cymbal arm, as well as the tom arm. Other than that I've got a couple tension rods missing, and the rubber feet for the floor tom.
These are pretty clean for the most part, and from what I can tell everything is in line with other late 60s drums I've seen. I would love to hear from the experts if I am wrong though!
My biggest question is about the wrap.. I haven't seen this color, and the way it overlaps in two places (pictured) seems a bit odd.

If anyone has any leads on parts please let me know!


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