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Default Re: Double stamped Zildjian cymbal approx year??

Mid to late 1970s was the time when both of those stamps were in use. Early 1970s is when the Brilliant finish buffing machine was patented and the service was offered in ads ($8 additional per cymbal). The Brilliant finish like yours has was available on both A Zildjian and A Zildjian & Cie Constantinople cymbals.

A few cymbals escape the factory with no stamps, a few have 2. The average is 1 per cymbal.

The flare pattern on the rivet you show is in the style of the Zildjian factory tool, but I'd like to see an overall picture of the cymbal to see just where the rivet holes were drilled and the overall pattern of the six. Even if the pattern looks factory we can't rule out that some drum shop did the work and purchased a flaring tool which produces that pattern.
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