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Default Re: DW Buys Slingerland Name

Ok, I've been holding back on my opinion of the whole DW buying the Slingerland name thing, but its time to voice it wheather I get negativity from one or two people here, whatever.

First, I am a lifelong Ludwig guy. I like their new stuff as well as vintage. I like vintage Rogers pre-XP8 era drums. I also like that the new owners of Rogers are actually doing something great with the name now rather than just rebadging cheap import drums as Rogers like Brook Mays and Yamaha were doing. I like the fact that you can buy a new Leedy snare drum if you want it. I owned one for a while and they do sound nice.
I like the fact that Dunnett resurrected the George H Way name and offer some nice drums today under that name. I like the fact that you can spec out a Gretsch kit today and have it sound and look the same as a vintage RB kit if you so desire.

So how can DW buying Slingerland out of oblivian from Gibson possibly be a bad thing? New Radio King snare drums? Brand new replacement Zoomatic strainers? The ideas are limitless.

I for one think its a good idea and nothing but good (no pun intended) can come from it. I myself am not a fan of the current crop of DW's regular line of drums either. It has nothing to do with being over priced, or quality or too many choices or any other such nonsense that others have stated, but it has to do with the sound of them. Now, I have heard some of the original DW drums with the Keller shells and those sound good to my ears. I've heard the DW Jazz series and both the Grestch inspired ones and the Slingerland inspired ones sound close to what they are supposed to sound like to my ears. But if I want the sound of Gretsch I'd go buy Gretsch. When Slingerland was dead, DW was a viable option if you wanted that sound. Now that they own Slingerland, it just makes sense.

The only ones worried about this being a bad thing are the drum flippers. All about resale value. In case most of you weren't paying attention, Slingerlands have little resale value these days, unless it's a Radio King or was owned by an endorser. Slingerlands regularly trade hands online for the prices paid for used mid-level Japanese import kits from the 80's and 90's, a fraction of what Rogers, Ludwig, and Gretsch trade hands for. So, sorry flippers, your theory of resale value tanking because of this is out the window. And as far as others not being able to tell the new from the old....that's been a problem all along with all drums, not just Slingerland.

So to recap.......DW buys Slingerland=good. Negativity towards the deal=bad.

A couple of naysayers on a vintage drum forum are not going to mean a thing to DW, as they believe a market must be there for the old name. My hats off to DW for even considering resurrecting an old name. Now if only they could get the Camco name back......
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