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Default Re: My First Rogers Foray! I Have some questions........

Those 32xxx drums are likely to be three ply Keller, instead if the more well-known 5 ply Keller shells, found on Cleveland drums from about 1964 on.

Can't stress this enough (pardon the pun) - if you are going to disassemble the B&B drums, mark EVERY lug for position and orientation on the shell. Each B&B lug is unique, and you want it to return to the shell in EXACTLY the same place. Indentations in the wrap caused by the lug, gentle bends of the brass ends caused by 55 years of compression, threading of the screws - everything matters!! Frankly, if the lugs aren't cracked, I suggest you leave them be.

Best wishes on helping get a gorgeous Rogers back in service, and go slowly. Or just call me and let me pick them up! ;^)


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