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Default Re: VDF Demographic (Age) Poll

Okay, I admit it, John, I'm sixty-three. Let me qualify that though. Besides drumming and writing, I am a six feet , 230 pound bodybuilder/weight lifter. I have been doing this for about forty years. I can still bench 300 pounds and my upper arms are about 19 1/2 inches. I boxed amateur as a light-heavy many years ago with a record of 15-3-1. Drumsx2s has seen a recent picture of me . He can vouch for the veracity of my statements. Most things are in the mind. I haven't eaten sugar or salt for forty years. I take supplements and numerous vitamins and have never felt better. I drum about twice a week. Just because we are getting older, doesn't mean we can't rock anymore!
P.S. I still enjoy the occasional beer or maybe three though! Nobody's perfect, especially drummers!
Just a drummer who loves all things about vintage drums! Nothing more, nothing less.
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