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Default Re: Blues Cymbal Set Up

> IMO dark smokey cymbals still work great for Bop/Jazz but not for blues, especially heavy blues.

+1 The last band I worked with was a Chicago style Blues band with horns, keyboard, harp player, bass, guitars, vocals and I wish I had the cymbals I have now back then! I have a 22" hollow logo ping ride, and a 20" thin hollow logo crash that is warm and explosive. Larger brighter cymbals are -perfect- for a Blues band situation. I also have 15" hollow logo New Beat hats that just KILL. If I had these a couple of years ago, I would have gigged them to death with that band.

And yes, two cymbal set-ups were common in the 50's/60's. From what I can recall, we were all hot for Zildjians, I'm sure that's what the working drummers at the time were using.

Too many great drums to list here!
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