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Default Re: WFL Zephyr Lug Green Sparkle Set

Originally Posted by mlayton View Post
Think that these were on Ebay a week or so ago. Was surprised that they didn't sell. The snare alone is a gem. Great find!

Item number was 201922362119
Yes, it's the same set! I about shot coffee out my nose the morning I saw them listed.

I didn't have the money at the time, though, so luckily they didn't sell on ebay! They were located only 2.5 hours from me, so I made an offer of $1000 and went to get them this past Saturday.

They sound even better than I imagined! The bearing edges are almost totally flat, which I love. The toms are both classic early-WFL 2-ply construction with vertical grain interiors, and the snare and bass are both nice, thick 3-ply shells.
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