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Default March 3, 2009 - Help an easier way

After further review and a way to help fund this life long hobby of a web site,

I'm asking all of you for some help..

This is a special page and connects this web site with other popular web sites for buying things. That includes anything on eBay or Amazon and then 5 music related web sites. I will be adding Sam Ash to the list and if you have any favorite web sites then let me know.

So here is the page. Vintage Drum Guide and Drum Forum Support Page

Even the smallest purchase on Ebay will help. We are not talking big bucks here and I'm not taking a cruise to the Bahamas on any money that comes in.

The server cost over $1400 for two years and through the kindness of many of you we raised about $600 so far. For that I can't thank you enough. (Plus even more $$ for the two different programmers that I needed for the technical stuff)

I have owned my own business for 11 years and I once had an employee say to me. "It is your business and you have to do what it takes to stay in business" Of course after 11 years I understood that and this forum is the same for me, I have to do it because it is what it is now and I will not let it go away!

March 4, 2008 is when the forum moved to this new server. (Yes one year this month!) Here is some other history.

The forum has been up since Aug 2005 and the main web site had been online since Aug 2002!

Money is tight for everyone and I can understand the situation so if you can bookmark the page and prior to buying an item or bidding on something then use the Ebay link on the page.



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