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Default Re: DW Buys Slingerland Name

Originally Posted by johnnyringo View Post
And here they are. I suspect the new Slingerlands will be made, uhh, born in the same DW Taiwan factory.
The drums I was talking about were all USA made and badged as DW. The Taiwanese drums were from the Buddy Rich Drum Co. which came later under the auspices of Cathy Rich. I'm not sure what, if any, involvement she had with the DW "tribute" drums but it seemed she decided there was more money on the table if she had someone else make the drums. So then there was the short lived Buddy Rich Drum Co. Which, according to their website, offered both American made and imported lines. I think the USA stuff was more or less a boutique Keller builder and with the imported stuff outsourced from one of the usual suspects.

I saw one of the import sets up close and personal at a Chicago area Sam Ash store. It didn't look to bad but had just enough "cheapness" to it not to appeal to me. It was only $999 for 13/16/16/24 w/matching snare. It had a DW style rail mount and the two shell mount cymbal holders included. The oddest thing was the brackets were DW style but with Buddy's signature in the casting instead of the DW logo. I think the DW versions had these brackets too. I don't know if DW provided TBRDC with these parts or sold them the tooling or excess inventory or maintained some connection with the other company or what, but they were definitely DW style brackets.

In retrospect I kind of wish I had bought them, not to play but sort of as a collectors item. The brackets and badges were kind of cool and it wasn't that expensive. It looked nice, just felt sort of "cheap". I had several opportunities to buy them since the set languished on the sales floor for months, proving it's hard to sell crap, no matter what name is on it.
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