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Default Re: DW Buys Slingerland Name

Originally Posted by idrum4fun View Post
I've been reading this thread from the start and it's obvious that all of us are extremely passionate about our drums...and vintage drums in particular! Everyone here is entitled to their opinion and the vast majority of us keep it civil. Let's continue to do so...before the admins shut down this thread!

Mark ... the admin/mod would be me, as David is on hiatus for a bit with family obligations. For that matter, It's 99.9% me that handles the forum as it is! That's why David pays me the BIG BUCKS! <smile> I appreciate your sentiment here, but nah ... this thread isn't even close to having me intervene. The two Texan's always seem to have a go at each other, and this one is mild .. meaning .. they HAVE indeed remained relatively civil! If it were to completely deteriorate to the very bowels of civility .. or is that the colon of civility?! .. I would have to take control. This is fine, and as you made mention, opinions are held dear, and very passionate. Makes for very fine and entertaining reading, as long as it stays within the lines! THANKS as always Mark!

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